Friday, May 18, 2007


Today the meringue is one of the most popular Latin American dances. She has come to us from Dominican republic, that is from Caribbean basin, and its mood reflects a cheerful atmosphere of an eternal tropical holiday.

Originally to a meringue understood as music of people owning tools which are almost at all and which are easy for getting: dominican bandurriaru the Venezuelan guitar. At the end of 19 music began to play on an accordion, a saxophone, boxbasse with metal stringed keys...
However because of melodic restrictions of an accordion music too became limited - and to a meringue have altered.

Movements of a meringue are simple, and the amount of clubs where it dance, grows every day. Music of a meringue is rhythmical and pleasant not only for those who under her moves, but also for those who simply listens to her.

Rhythm of a meringue - two-quarter, that gives to the basic step of dance characteristic rocking. Under to begin a simple rhythm and movements of dance - so simple, that literally everyone can dance them, at all not having preliminary preparation. If you can go, means, you can and dance a meringue. It does not demand open space, to dance her it is possible on anyone the patch free space. The partner conducts the pairs accurately, unostentatiously, helping her to make slow turns - so slow, that one turn occupies at times eight steps. More skilled dancers do the turns for four steps. These turns plus fervent music also make a basis of a meringue.

Receptions of a meringue.

The majority of movements of a meringue is based on receptions specific to this dance. So, already in the first movement sock foots of the dancer press to a floor, but thus support on this leg are not present. In the second movement the weight of a body is transferred to this foot, and heel other leg comes off a floor. Knees work softly and to springiness. In result there is a characteristic rocking for a meringue which never happens excessive. All movements of a meringue are executed with slightly dissolved legs.

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