Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Breakdance — the style of the street dance which has developed from hip-hop of movement in Southern Bronx (New York), in the beginning of 70th years. It is the oldest and most known of all styles hip-hop dances.
Breakdance is one of four components hip-hop alongside with a rap, DJ'Ingle and graffiti.

The popular belief is wide, that breakdance in its today's kind originates from a way of intermediary for finding-out of attitudes between competing gangs. However this opinion grows out gamble of mass-media during popularity of dance in 80. Even if dance also was the tool of intermediary productive intermediary was not neither the purpose, nor an outcome battles, often happened, that such battles on the contrary caused a new wave of violence.

Winners in performances became those who could execute as much as possible new and complex movements on execution which contenders could not repeat.
Owing to increase in popularity of a legend fank James Brown and to fast growth of quantity breakdance commands (such as Rock Steady Crew), breakdance from competition between gangs overgrown in a phenomenon the priest-culture. Owing to mass-media, breakdance it became known to general public. After a while any party, a disco or show of talents did not do without performance of dancers breakdance.

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