Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Parisian waltz

Music: La valse d'Amelie - music to film "Amelie"

Starting position: the Gentleman and lady the person to each other, the gentleman - a back to the center of a circle, lady - the person.

2 steps: bow of the gentleman (to the right)

2 steps: bow of lady (to the left)

4 steps: - balancee. Begins on a line of dance, then against - and repetition.

Executing balancee (the first and second step), the gentleman all over again submits to lady the left hand, lady puts from above the, then - the gentleman submits the right hand.

4 steps: a waltz

2 steps: balancee to the right and to the left. Partners do not concern each other with hands, everyone does balancee to the right and to the left (that is ladies - on a line of dance and against, and gentlemen - against)

2 steps: change of the partner. The gentleman and lady do two waltz a step to the right (lady - on a line of dance, the gentleman - against). Movement as in " the charge backs " - partners the gentleman turn clockwise, on a first step doing turn on 180 degrees from a primary position, on the second step coming in an initial position, only with other partner.

The scheme repeats with the new partner.

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