Friday, June 22, 2007

Will certain foods help you lose belly fat?

False. Contrary to what some diet books and articles preach, certain foods cannot magically melt away the fat off your belly (or any other part of your body). Where fat tends to settle is typically all in your genetics (from

The good news is when you eat an appropriate amount of calories for weight loss (meaning less then you burn), you’ll eventually lose weight “all over” your body — including your personal problem areas (like your belly, if that’s where you have it). And if you add regular exercise while watching what you eat, you’ll burn even more calories and tone, tighten and strengthen the muscles underneath the fat, so when it comes off, you’ll look even leaner.

The more you sweat during exercise, the more weight you lose

False. While its true exercise helps you lose weight by burning more calories, in order to lose one pound of real fat weight during your workout, you’d need to burn 3,500 calories. Thus, heavy sweating only indicates how much “temporary” water weight you have lost. The fluid will quickly be replaced as you drink water to rehydrate your muscles and body.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

History belly dance

Dance stomach-beautiful and viable art form, expression of feelings and emotions. It is a modern version of ancient ethnic dance, which is used in the Middle East for almost all holidays. Many of the fundamental movements are descended from fertility rituals, dance fertilization, and worship. A century of dance filled all new movements, many of which were borrowed from dance Roma. At East young girls to add to the belly dance from an early age, gave their abdominal muscle in preparation for the birth, as well as Arab women that fit abdominal muscles were the best tool to prevent pain. Dance also fertility in sacred ceremonies of worship gods, where women danced with other women, expressing their emotions through ritual movements. The art of belly dancing came to the Western world in the XIX century or even earlier. 3500let ago, patriarchal religion has been the dominant, and women's influence has become less, but alone survived and was transformed into entertainment women in Koji. However, urbanization people in the Middle East and Africa Severonoy belly dancing evolved, and has undergone many changes under the influence of the West, and dances of Greece, Turkey, North Africa, Persia (writhing hands), India (head), the other countries in the Middle East. Despite numerous modifications and mixing with other dance styles, modern bellydance- all the same elegant, sensuous and extremely resistant dancing, showing sensuality, beauty, emotional strength, skill ownership entire body, eye beautiful women, was in ecstasy dance.

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