Saturday, April 21, 2007

R & B

In today's youth culture of R & B is a leader. Russian groups acting in the style leaders in the musical rhythm. Dancing in the style of R & B is extremely popular in the world : they are used and depicted concert by stars such as Usher, Missy Sixty, Jay, India. Arie, B2K, Mariah Carey, Jastin Timberlake, Janet Jakson. , and others.


 Style R & B stands for the English as "dram and blues." This, at first glance, the title of a sudden because it has been R & B as a separate area within the "blues" and it was his duty to lead. Blues emerged in the second half of the 19th century as a classic American folk music. It was heard intonation social and racial inequality oppressed American population. While narodno-batovm traditional arts and music gradually professionaliziroval sa and went to concerts cabaret. Subsequently, in the 20th century, he brought a talented and brightest performers. This was largely at the expense of the most intense, powerful and energetic sound of blues-style R & B. Since then ritm'end'bluza popularity has not diminished : it is not only the most fashionable dance club of Moscow, and one whole new culture (music, dance, clubs, fashion, a world, expensive touching Magazine).


 The original content of the phrase "dram and blues" style of music, the Dance ultramodnoe track is not much in common. Contemporary R & B tanez-eto intricate interlocking rock, funk, jazz, street-a with light blue "black culture", so that the free and incredibly plastics body movement at the party included ritm'end'bluzom with a significant number of conventions, even if all the "luxury" are used wisely. If you want to learn the style R'n'B could take a few lessons in dance school or luck in the search for harmony music and the body of the house under his favorite music. We must learn to "pumped" every part of his body. A good "air" is usually from the center of the abdomen. If we do this "air", - stressed muscles of the abdomen. The remaining muscle to release. The slope of the head, the shoulder and hand, it marks the beginning of ductile and sexual dance. Forward-smooth moves vpragivania with light and soft (regardless of weight class) landing on one or both legs. So first, and in our repertoire fairly decent set of movements rest your imagination and the sense of music!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jazz dance

Jazz dance is the type of professional dance prevailing on the eve of 19-20 centuries as a result of a merger between European and African dance cultures and established, primarily in the United States. Jazz, as a form of art came from Africa. Black people over their emotions and feelings through dance, so they can stand up against the horrors and humiliations of slavery, which they had been subjected for several centuries.

Traditional African musical instruments, usually percussion : customized for a variety of high volume drums Retrieved, pogremushki and treshchotki-so pivotal role in the piece with a sense of rhythm. The main principles are jaz-tanca characters, poliritmia, policentria. Tunes from the very nature of African dance. Poliritmia suggests that the different parts of the body are moving in different rhythms. Policentria the emergence of the movement in different parts of the body. Movement could come from the head, shoulder, knee, it is very often the impetus. Policentria certainly needs to master technology isolated movements for each part of the body. Famous jazz a. (eg Matt Matoks in France, Gus Jordan and Luigi in the United States), organized their schools jazz-dance often triumph new direction.

They were created certain approaches to teaching dance, sets out movements, and combinations of them, giving a particular coloring settings each jazz school. Absorbed the characteristics of classical dance, modern techniques, folk dancing and soula, bits, stepa, jazz has become a very diverse dancing. There should also be special to ethno-jazz with his most famous varieties afro-jaza and latina-jaza. Returning to the roots, ethno-jazz invite for a new interpretation reckless ran from the Black Africa, incendiary and beautiful taguche - mectatelna rumba. Modern dance jaz- appeals to the young talented tantsovschikam. Revealed now can be seen as interesting and diverse compounds various styles and trends that will contribute to the further development of jazz-dance. His move is likely to go through the eklekticnoe dance different material properties : ethnic dance, jazz, ballet, stepa, and the popular street directions. Modern jazz-dance destroys border in the dance-spectrum, linking together all the styles, forms and directions.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


 What is a disco music, reminding one not required. Sweet vote "Modern Talking", Boney M and ABBA, Bee Gees and heroes of Indian films, in one way or another, been in the head of anyone who no longer came years. Disco came spontaneously, as a meteorite happened in 1975 with the first album of Hustle. However, the phenomenon of a little earlier. Concerts music in clubs gradually to replace players. Now a prestigious club could package their living performers. Gradually, people began to come to such clubs not to listen to the music, but to drink, chat and, above all, to dance. Thus, for the first time, the concept of a dance music : on the monotonous rhythm under which easy to move and nezamaslovatami tekstami-refrenami. The disco music, we have a synthesizer, first they were bulky klavesinov options, which issued a sharp mechanical sound and asked blast of rhythm tones. Fellowships with the fair, where were these groups, and were the first to dance, from them, and have the title of the entire disco style.
Any song disco crowded passionate vzdohami and stonami and eroticakimi hand gestures and movements of the performer. The disco dancing was also extremely simple and erotichen-unlike acrobatic tricks rok-nrolla classical movements twista and swing, which has so far turned them into dance for ancestors, no special skills to disco dance are not required, it was just a feeling the rhythm. This is the first disco threw slogan "Just move your body!

Disco-still showed itself in all its glory in hite 1977 film "Saturday night fiever" in a Star John Trawoltu. It is the eternal image of discos, where ordinary people : servants and workers have to forget about their misfortunes and suffering, set lifestyle of a generation. The disco rushed everything. Even bred rock like Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart recorded several disco-pesen, and the famous New York club Studio 54 was known for its drug disko-orgiami, with the participation of all players are known at the time. Since starting the first total style affecting all aspects of life. Disco outlived itself very quickly.
Now presatmene back, pointless music and cloned actors. Since then, it has been almost 25 years. Club youth "burn" under very different rhythms : Trance, House, Al .... But ironically, the clubs, where it is the modern melodies, many people still habitually called dance, in memory of the good times, times of "Rush Saturday evening." 

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


 Restrictions is one of the most modern and dynamic style. Young, rebel spirit streets become a dizzying vectors and moving Trick man 5.3.3. Restrictions is so different from all other forms of dance, the first thing that people ask when they are : "Where are those people so learned to dance?" , but none is music so acrobatic elements, as in break-dance.

Almost every song can be found in the elements. Break dancing is breathtaking, holds great minds of the young people around the world.


Breaking as we know it today appeared in New York in late -first 1980s, the 20th century. Drive Break primarily young blacks and Spaniards from the lowest social strata of densely populated urban areas. One of its founders was legendary Africa Bambaata, popular and recognised Ancient culture. When the warring factions adolescents and young people began to "get" their relationship is not in the fray, and brake - who is more to dance, wins. He said young dragoon Bronx : "Fight with creativity, rather than by force of arms."


Battles in breakdansige occur everywhere. The dancers struggle to tanzpole not with each other. They form a circle and demonstrate their superiority with style, complex combinations and athletic movements. Usually held between the two rival teams. Among the most well-known teams break man : Zulu Nation, Rock Steady Crew (RSC), Style Elements, Furious Styles Crew, Dynamic Rockers, Problems Kru, Ichigeki, Rep styles, Team OHH, Fireworks, Havikoro, The Furious Five and Airforce Crew. Today, the most serious normally be held at the planned break dancing-events enterprises and the stages of the contest, in a style for prizes. Often organised on a commercial basis : teams pay so that they act. Often, the activities are spontaneous . The largest annual event-Battle of the Year (BOTY). It is taking place in Germany since 1990 and collects team from all over the world. Despite its title (1st Year), BOTY based on the dance presentations. After the judges assess finalists compete for the right to be called the world champions in the last battle. Others are second, third and fourth places. In recent years, the BOTY winners France, Korea, Germany and Hungary. Although the United States took first place in the past, now trophies reaching them infrequently. This is because the competition in the United States is almost always the , in other countries evaluated the jail house setting.


Restrictions is one of the most extreme dance styles, but despite that, the style is very popular. Different speed, lockups, and other elements breaks promote coordination and flexibility. Basic techniques break dance divided into lower and upper. Lower break requires not only skills, but also good fisicesco-akrabatic high training. Its ingredients are : top up or rock (mean removal from foot to the leg, before go to the lower part), footwork (so-called won), spining moves or power moves (sewing elements and links between them), and finally freeze (fixation of the body in the performance of an element).
Unlike break floor, the upper break requires more plasticity and the ability to dance than physical training, or exercise in the upper to break far below. Upper break includes Electric Boogie (simulation of a robot etc.), and Pop Loking (closer to the classic dance, but with the sharp, original th, arms, legs, the torso). Wierch, a very beautiful, dynamic, personal style. Sophisticated in their forms, he lives to this day, attracting spectators and unusual .

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

History dance clubs

 The emergence of groups such as Modern Talking, Scotch, Alphaville, Culture Club had given rise to a new dance volnu- and DISCO NEW WAVE. BREAK-DANCE seized scene dance club with 1985-14,000,000. It has become clear, to be marked on tanzpole required to ride some time. This style was the major influence came video-rolik Thriller, with the participation of pop-ki Michael Jackson. In 1992, e-culture, called RAVE (trans, House), is the stuff in the development of club music. The basis for this was the psychology of sound unconscious level rights. Rhythmic basslines cause in humans a permanent effect traffic, and high "destroyed" Sounds appeasing and uwlekali into the depths of the subconscious.

At this time, there are stylish Haus-cluba : JAMP, PTUC, MANHETTEN in trance : AERODANS, GALAksy, DFL, PLAZMA. By 2000. in a large number of styles and dance movements, targets which have the same vehicles and House : jungle, tehno-haus, dram-n-beis, breik-bit, lang, techno and goa-trans and others. Centers youth club culture of the twenty-first century is the dance mekki as Goa, IBIZA, Ministry of Sound, FORT, BOUM, Shiva Moon.

Fellowship Dance

Fellowship Dance-Dance surprising direction, and pressing temperamentnaya mixture of modern dance styles combined one direction, their dancing in nightclubs, discotheques and night. The advantage of dance clubs is that you are not bound by strict precepts of-the dance is complete freedom of choice movement, music and mood. Club-dance can dance as alone as well as in a large company. Fellowship dance very popular in the nightclubs of Moscow, where thousands of fans gathered ductile R & B, rhythmic Hausa and free street dance. List narrow dance styles, which include club-dance constantly replenished. But generally attribute it funk, go, hip-hop, disco, strip-densa elements, various street-jazz others, and recently, and R & B.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salsa : at what level you?

  Many salsa dancers do not know at what level tantsevania are : freshmen whether they serednacki whether to advanced dancers, or anyone else. After talking with different teachers salsa and mambo made some conclusions that may help in determining the level of tantsevania. The following are the three main levels : users, and Serednachok Advanced Tanzor. Please note that you can be anywhere and midway between the first and second or second and third levels. New word speaks for itself.

Beginner. He still teaches a basic step, the right and left turns and other basic salsa skills, including CBL (cross body lead). Applying this framework, the newcomer can perform several patterns rotation. Inexperienced dancers between the patterns commonly used by many foundations and cross lead'ov body. Dance in accordance with the rhythms (at the time, two or as long as you want) for the newcomer is still a problem, so some users periodically closer to the pace. The new Styling is not, however, it should not be because of anything steilingom can capture telescope with basics and lead to bad habits and bad technology. Serednachok This level is a lack of confidence, which, from time to time sends artists to . But dancers must be able to maintain the rhythm of music, almost all the time. Between each rotation pattern is now being used much less foundations. Skills follow the ladies still depending on the partner. From the point of view of observers, she may look brilliantly tanzpole to, but men are able to identify the degree of its dependence on how it feels. Queens may overly depend on the partner while that of its rotation turn. At this level, she mainly expects that the work will do man. For male pattern of a turnaround in the rhythm becomes more complex. Now men think that, and when to do next, and as long as people think, make basic turns and Cbl'a.

Once dancer comes to medium or medium / advanced, it has become more confident and his skills improved markedly. Ladies at these levels must be able to perform double and triple rotation, and most of the time to move from partner with a minimum of force and the efforts on his part. Partnerships resistance must be felt to be more even and smooth. Men must also be able to perform self-rotation. Maintenance at those levels steady and smooth, and Patterns turn natural and harmonious. And a man and a woman working to steilingom and feel with confidence.

There they face the most difficult stage of transition to the advanced level. Advanced dance at an advanced level tantsutaya pair should be able to use the music breaks, and without any effort to execute Styling and shines (variation that is not based on the step and often executed solno -, in full compliance with the music. The travel and dancer should feel comfortable, regardless of the partner. Complex Patterns turn out easily. Ladies no apparent effort doing triple speed. Men do not ask how and when to apply Patterns rotation. Sometimes when you dance even new Patterns, which come from the head at the end of songs. Most dancers advanced-level professionals with many years' experience.

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