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 Restrictions is one of the most modern and dynamic style. Young, rebel spirit streets become a dizzying vectors and moving Trick man 5.3.3. Restrictions is so different from all other forms of dance, the first thing that people ask when they are : "Where are those people so learned to dance?" , but none is music so acrobatic elements, as in break-dance.

Almost every song can be found in the elements. Break dancing is breathtaking, holds great minds of the young people around the world.


Breaking as we know it today appeared in New York in late -first 1980s, the 20th century. Drive Break primarily young blacks and Spaniards from the lowest social strata of densely populated urban areas. One of its founders was legendary Africa Bambaata, popular and recognised Ancient culture. When the warring factions adolescents and young people began to "get" their relationship is not in the fray, and brake - who is more to dance, wins. He said young dragoon Bronx : "Fight with creativity, rather than by force of arms."


Battles in breakdansige occur everywhere. The dancers struggle to tanzpole not with each other. They form a circle and demonstrate their superiority with style, complex combinations and athletic movements. Usually held between the two rival teams. Among the most well-known teams break man : Zulu Nation, Rock Steady Crew (RSC), Style Elements, Furious Styles Crew, Dynamic Rockers, Problems Kru, Ichigeki, Rep styles, Team OHH, Fireworks, Havikoro, The Furious Five and Airforce Crew. Today, the most serious normally be held at the planned break dancing-events enterprises and the stages of the contest, in a style for prizes. Often organised on a commercial basis : teams pay so that they act. Often, the activities are spontaneous . The largest annual event-Battle of the Year (BOTY). It is taking place in Germany since 1990 and collects team from all over the world. Despite its title (1st Year), BOTY based on the dance presentations. After the judges assess finalists compete for the right to be called the world champions in the last battle. Others are second, third and fourth places. In recent years, the BOTY winners France, Korea, Germany and Hungary. Although the United States took first place in the past, now trophies reaching them infrequently. This is because the competition in the United States is almost always the , in other countries evaluated the jail house setting.


Restrictions is one of the most extreme dance styles, but despite that, the style is very popular. Different speed, lockups, and other elements breaks promote coordination and flexibility. Basic techniques break dance divided into lower and upper. Lower break requires not only skills, but also good fisicesco-akrabatic high training. Its ingredients are : top up or rock (mean removal from foot to the leg, before go to the lower part), footwork (so-called won), spining moves or power moves (sewing elements and links between them), and finally freeze (fixation of the body in the performance of an element).
Unlike break floor, the upper break requires more plasticity and the ability to dance than physical training, or exercise in the upper to break far below. Upper break includes Electric Boogie (simulation of a robot etc.), and Pop Loking (closer to the classic dance, but with the sharp, original th, arms, legs, the torso). Wierch, a very beautiful, dynamic, personal style. Sophisticated in their forms, he lives to this day, attracting spectators and unusual .

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