Tuesday, April 17, 2007

History dance clubs

 The emergence of groups such as Modern Talking, Scotch, Alphaville, Culture Club had given rise to a new dance volnu- and DISCO NEW WAVE. BREAK-DANCE seized scene dance club with 1985-14,000,000. It has become clear, to be marked on tanzpole required to ride some time. This style was the major influence came video-rolik Thriller, with the participation of pop-ki Michael Jackson. In 1992, e-culture, called RAVE (trans, House), is the stuff in the development of club music. The basis for this was the psychology of sound unconscious level rights. Rhythmic basslines cause in humans a permanent effect traffic, and high "destroyed" Sounds appeasing and uwlekali into the depths of the subconscious.

At this time, there are stylish Haus-cluba : JAMP, PTUC, MANHETTEN in trance : AERODANS, GALAksy, DFL, PLAZMA. By 2000. in a large number of styles and dance movements, targets which have the same vehicles and House : jungle, tehno-haus, dram-n-beis, breik-bit, lang, techno and goa-trans and others. Centers youth club culture of the twenty-first century is the dance mekki as Goa, IBIZA, Ministry of Sound, FORT, BOUM, Shiva Moon.

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