Friday, September 7, 2007


Bolero - Spanish national dance, presumably invented approx. 1780 Sebastian Cerezo of Cadiz. In the folk-dance version of the Bolero for solo couples in a public performance of several couples can participate. Tradition required bone or guitar, if dance melody sung. Bolero has dicotyledonous, occasionally trilobate meter; Dance consists of five parts: pazeo, traversiya, diferensiya, traversiya and finals. Such samples Bolero professional music can be pure Bolero (or. 19), F. Chopin and orchestra Bolero M. Ravel. For Beethoven's Bolero is a solo, and K. M. von Weber included Bolero in his music to play Pretsioza. Ground Bolero can be found in the operas of the Blind Toledo Etienne Megyulya, Black dominoes, Nemoy of Portichi D. Ober, and the opera G. Berlioz Benvenuto Cellini. Fast version of Bolero is seguidilla (perhaps that it forms the basis for Bolero). Cuban Bolero and similar to the Dominican Bolero are dicots sinkopami with rhythm and form a Spanish version of the American Dance


Bergamaska-dance 16-17 centuries. in 2/4 or 4/4, took place from the Italian city of Bergamo. Shakespeare mentions to bergamaska in comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream, so that the dance was known in England as early as in 1916. In manuscripts of the time bergamaska has a melody, which is often a basso ostinato (ie constantly recurring ABC), with variations. Melody bergamaska recalled later German folk song Kraut und RĂ¼ben that was used D. Buxtehude and then introduced I. S. Bach in his Goldberg- variations. Today, not associated with the old bergamaska, performed in a lively pace, at 6 / 8 and a reminder of tarantella, used Alfredo Piatti in Bergamaske for music.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bass impedance

Bass impedance (Fr. basse danse "low-dance"). Bass-impedance generic name not jump sliding "dance" in 1916. ; The first time they appear in the university courtyard. "Low-dance" was "high contrast Dance" (danse haute), which are typical of high jumps and podprygivaniya. Bass impedance was a ceremonial dance, similar to Polonaise, ie associated with shaking more than with dance as such. Bass impedance is the predecessor stamps. Dance could run as in dicotyledons (usually), and trilobate amount. Bass impedance consists of three parts : the bass impedance, a repetition (retour de la danse basse) and Tordion-dance. Bass impedance faded 16. , A displaced afresh.

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