Thursday, April 19, 2007


 What is a disco music, reminding one not required. Sweet vote "Modern Talking", Boney M and ABBA, Bee Gees and heroes of Indian films, in one way or another, been in the head of anyone who no longer came years. Disco came spontaneously, as a meteorite happened in 1975 with the first album of Hustle. However, the phenomenon of a little earlier. Concerts music in clubs gradually to replace players. Now a prestigious club could package their living performers. Gradually, people began to come to such clubs not to listen to the music, but to drink, chat and, above all, to dance. Thus, for the first time, the concept of a dance music : on the monotonous rhythm under which easy to move and nezamaslovatami tekstami-refrenami. The disco music, we have a synthesizer, first they were bulky klavesinov options, which issued a sharp mechanical sound and asked blast of rhythm tones. Fellowships with the fair, where were these groups, and were the first to dance, from them, and have the title of the entire disco style.
Any song disco crowded passionate vzdohami and stonami and eroticakimi hand gestures and movements of the performer. The disco dancing was also extremely simple and erotichen-unlike acrobatic tricks rok-nrolla classical movements twista and swing, which has so far turned them into dance for ancestors, no special skills to disco dance are not required, it was just a feeling the rhythm. This is the first disco threw slogan "Just move your body!

Disco-still showed itself in all its glory in hite 1977 film "Saturday night fiever" in a Star John Trawoltu. It is the eternal image of discos, where ordinary people : servants and workers have to forget about their misfortunes and suffering, set lifestyle of a generation. The disco rushed everything. Even bred rock like Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart recorded several disco-pesen, and the famous New York club Studio 54 was known for its drug disko-orgiami, with the participation of all players are known at the time. Since starting the first total style affecting all aspects of life. Disco outlived itself very quickly.
Now presatmene back, pointless music and cloned actors. Since then, it has been almost 25 years. Club youth "burn" under very different rhythms : Trance, House, Al .... But ironically, the clubs, where it is the modern melodies, many people still habitually called dance, in memory of the good times, times of "Rush Saturday evening." 

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