Friday, April 20, 2007

Jazz dance

Jazz dance is the type of professional dance prevailing on the eve of 19-20 centuries as a result of a merger between European and African dance cultures and established, primarily in the United States. Jazz, as a form of art came from Africa. Black people over their emotions and feelings through dance, so they can stand up against the horrors and humiliations of slavery, which they had been subjected for several centuries.

Traditional African musical instruments, usually percussion : customized for a variety of high volume drums Retrieved, pogremushki and treshchotki-so pivotal role in the piece with a sense of rhythm. The main principles are jaz-tanca characters, poliritmia, policentria. Tunes from the very nature of African dance. Poliritmia suggests that the different parts of the body are moving in different rhythms. Policentria the emergence of the movement in different parts of the body. Movement could come from the head, shoulder, knee, it is very often the impetus. Policentria certainly needs to master technology isolated movements for each part of the body. Famous jazz a. (eg Matt Matoks in France, Gus Jordan and Luigi in the United States), organized their schools jazz-dance often triumph new direction.

They were created certain approaches to teaching dance, sets out movements, and combinations of them, giving a particular coloring settings each jazz school. Absorbed the characteristics of classical dance, modern techniques, folk dancing and soula, bits, stepa, jazz has become a very diverse dancing. There should also be special to ethno-jazz with his most famous varieties afro-jaza and latina-jaza. Returning to the roots, ethno-jazz invite for a new interpretation reckless ran from the Black Africa, incendiary and beautiful taguche - mectatelna rumba. Modern dance jaz- appeals to the young talented tantsovschikam. Revealed now can be seen as interesting and diverse compounds various styles and trends that will contribute to the further development of jazz-dance. His move is likely to go through the eklekticnoe dance different material properties : ethnic dance, jazz, ballet, stepa, and the popular street directions. Modern jazz-dance destroys border in the dance-spectrum, linking together all the styles, forms and directions.

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