Saturday, April 21, 2007

R & B

In today's youth culture of R & B is a leader. Russian groups acting in the style leaders in the musical rhythm. Dancing in the style of R & B is extremely popular in the world : they are used and depicted concert by stars such as Usher, Missy Sixty, Jay, India. Arie, B2K, Mariah Carey, Jastin Timberlake, Janet Jakson. , and others.


 Style R & B stands for the English as "dram and blues." This, at first glance, the title of a sudden because it has been R & B as a separate area within the "blues" and it was his duty to lead. Blues emerged in the second half of the 19th century as a classic American folk music. It was heard intonation social and racial inequality oppressed American population. While narodno-batovm traditional arts and music gradually professionaliziroval sa and went to concerts cabaret. Subsequently, in the 20th century, he brought a talented and brightest performers. This was largely at the expense of the most intense, powerful and energetic sound of blues-style R & B. Since then ritm'end'bluza popularity has not diminished : it is not only the most fashionable dance club of Moscow, and one whole new culture (music, dance, clubs, fashion, a world, expensive touching Magazine).


 The original content of the phrase "dram and blues" style of music, the Dance ultramodnoe track is not much in common. Contemporary R & B tanez-eto intricate interlocking rock, funk, jazz, street-a with light blue "black culture", so that the free and incredibly plastics body movement at the party included ritm'end'bluzom with a significant number of conventions, even if all the "luxury" are used wisely. If you want to learn the style R'n'B could take a few lessons in dance school or luck in the search for harmony music and the body of the house under his favorite music. We must learn to "pumped" every part of his body. A good "air" is usually from the center of the abdomen. If we do this "air", - stressed muscles of the abdomen. The remaining muscle to release. The slope of the head, the shoulder and hand, it marks the beginning of ductile and sexual dance. Forward-smooth moves vpragivania with light and soft (regardless of weight class) landing on one or both legs. So first, and in our repertoire fairly decent set of movements rest your imagination and the sense of music!

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