Monday, April 23, 2007


Partly it is cramping connected with for a long time known hip-hop. Revives in him and such hip-hop - appearance, as fight of two commands{teams} after which spectators choose the best. In many respects elements cramping are taken from dances which his founder Thomas Johnson saw around of itself in Los Angeles, whether it be so-called "G-dance" or subspecies break dance. Johnson's main achievement that he has united in one dance of movement and technics{technical equipment} from different directions, having managed to make result bright and remembered. Thanking colouration the persons, transforming dancers in clowns, dance has got the unique image and began "style".

Many styles cramping are gloomy and aggressive. In a counterbalance foolish Clown Dancing, it was cramping created, that dancers could express anger or throw out pent-up emotions by means of violent, amplify and dramatic movements. However by today has cramping got also quieter, positive and ironic styles (for example, Goofy style). And still any of styles cramping means presence of physical contact between the dancers, reminding to the unsophisticated spectator fight, and work with weight of the partner.

By virtue of the emotional originality it is cramping enough combined technically and is based on the perfect performance of isolated movements, joltings, dumps and inclinations of a backbone.

Having instantly distributed on the USA and Europe, has cramping appeared in musical videoclips Missy Elliott, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, The Chemical Brothers, Skinny Puppy and other stars, and also became a theme of several films, including "Rize" the well-known photographer and director David Lashapelja.

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