Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salsa : at what level you?

  Many salsa dancers do not know at what level tantsevania are : freshmen whether they serednacki whether to advanced dancers, or anyone else. After talking with different teachers salsa and mambo made some conclusions that may help in determining the level of tantsevania. The following are the three main levels : users, and Serednachok Advanced Tanzor. Please note that you can be anywhere and midway between the first and second or second and third levels. New word speaks for itself.

Beginner. He still teaches a basic step, the right and left turns and other basic salsa skills, including CBL (cross body lead). Applying this framework, the newcomer can perform several patterns rotation. Inexperienced dancers between the patterns commonly used by many foundations and cross lead'ov body. Dance in accordance with the rhythms (at the time, two or as long as you want) for the newcomer is still a problem, so some users periodically closer to the pace. The new Styling is not, however, it should not be because of anything steilingom can capture telescope with basics and lead to bad habits and bad technology. Serednachok This level is a lack of confidence, which, from time to time sends artists to . But dancers must be able to maintain the rhythm of music, almost all the time. Between each rotation pattern is now being used much less foundations. Skills follow the ladies still depending on the partner. From the point of view of observers, she may look brilliantly tanzpole to, but men are able to identify the degree of its dependence on how it feels. Queens may overly depend on the partner while that of its rotation turn. At this level, she mainly expects that the work will do man. For male pattern of a turnaround in the rhythm becomes more complex. Now men think that, and when to do next, and as long as people think, make basic turns and Cbl'a.

Once dancer comes to medium or medium / advanced, it has become more confident and his skills improved markedly. Ladies at these levels must be able to perform double and triple rotation, and most of the time to move from partner with a minimum of force and the efforts on his part. Partnerships resistance must be felt to be more even and smooth. Men must also be able to perform self-rotation. Maintenance at those levels steady and smooth, and Patterns turn natural and harmonious. And a man and a woman working to steilingom and feel with confidence.

There they face the most difficult stage of transition to the advanced level. Advanced dance at an advanced level tantsutaya pair should be able to use the music breaks, and without any effort to execute Styling and shines (variation that is not based on the step and often executed solno -, in full compliance with the music. The travel and dancer should feel comfortable, regardless of the partner. Complex Patterns turn out easily. Ladies no apparent effort doing triple speed. Men do not ask how and when to apply Patterns rotation. Sometimes when you dance even new Patterns, which come from the head at the end of songs. Most dancers advanced-level professionals with many years' experience.

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