Friday, April 13, 2007

How do I choose shoes to dance?

 Often said : "It is not a good dancer-feet is not appropriate." Of course, truth in the saying is. But with the bad shoes and a good dancer is not far advanced in the art of dance. Try at least once to wear professional dance shoes, and you are beginning to feel the floor just another person. Although, in general, skill you for the time fitting shoes not equipped. So, you decide on the acquisition of this "magic" dance shoes. You go to the store, for example, in one of the reports presented at the site, and your view appears quite impressive diversity of models.

What a couple choose? First, just to be clear about what the shoes you are most needed : standard or Latina. If you are the European dance, you need shoes for the standard : For the Latino-American of dance best for dance shoes for Latin.

Do not think that shoes Latin perfectly suited to the standard, or shoes for the standard your convenience perform dances Latino-American program. That is not true, but each model shoes specially designed and is fundamentally different. In the store you can find top dance shoes, it is known as footwear for teachers or jazovkami. She recalled a male dance shoes for Latin sufficiently flexible, stable, good ambience, and is designed for long hours. You can use shoes for teachers for the day-to-day training. But the competition you still need some time to dance in your shoes for the standard or Latin. If you do Hastlom, the shoes for teachers will be the most convenient, but not the most beautiful. The girl would be preferable to dance in the shoes of Latin.

Secondly, we should not choose their shoes only because it is really pretty (utility) looks. Each model has its arm and a high heel. Incorrect selected in the leg shoes may not have the desired convenience. How to know what model you prefer? It primeriti choice of the couple. Shoes should fit snugly on the leg, as good quality footwear tends raznashiwatsa over time. And the higher kabluk from this model (especially Latina), the greater the spread shoes. Partnersham when choosing Latin check that the tip of his thumb is not in favour of the underside of the edge. But not everyone is ready to buy immediately professional dance shoes. For these dancers are encouraged to pick up their shoes from an existing operation. Your shoes should meet the following requirements :-have mild wave; - Slide, but not very much on the on the floor (not rubber shoes); Not move on the leg, the heel should be closed (for partners), you should be comfortable there.

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