Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dance body is a good case

  Dance, like any type of physical activity is producing results, the way to regularly and intensively. These results appear gradually, but necessarily. Rather, any improvements you can mention only a month of training. Doctors often complain about bodily harm dance practice for the feet. Legs, legs, legs. Continuous heavy workload leads to changes in the joints, but if poorly chosen shoes, the troubles did not obereshsya. Say in response that the burden on its feet is present in most sports. Igraesh whether basketball, zanimaeshsya pit, or simply run if doing so serious leg necessarily suffer. Therefore, to talk about the harm it is meaningless dance-exercise legs not spared. A question on the shoes really important - if you want to make the best legs and spine, get good training shoes or sneakers. Bes rest of the text will be devoted to the utility. Its really a lot. Big plus dance that the physical preparation of a project (with the exception of the lower breyka) can be any as age, and anyone can feel some benefit dance practice. Unperturbed, until permission to dance pregnant women, the elderly and children with their emerging organism. You can be the most slabosilnym man-dance will not require you to a miracle from the first classes. First (in the first month), he organism adapts to a small loads - speed metabolism, muscle priuchit their regular work, make breathing pattern. And all without strain, and with pleasing variety : fluid tempo music alternated sharp intense movement to the slow, smooth, razmerennymi. Then, after adaptation, the body was ready to begin the path to greater strength and endurance. You no longer feel the fatigue, which ended its first class. Muscles aching and cease to be flexible, ready for any effort. If you suffered from insomnia, it disappears : you fast asleep and less prosypaetes at night. Welcome to a time when dance displays your body for the direct route to corporal improvement. Preparation phase behind. Now your body is configured by the formula "Faster. Supra. "The worst-forward only good. Dance was taken as an integrated body, building not just one, and everything in general. The workout room can be inflated hands-feet-back-chest but bring heart, if not oversee its activities. Dancing, and think nothing of the fact that some of you may be left behind, to defend. Tantsuyte anything - whether your choice for fall sale, strip-dens, club program or another style, all that is listed below, you would occur. Women muscle : the harmonious development of all muscle groups will dance style forms. You will have good spring slim body, and even if you are over 40, female necessarily be envious. Men : large volumes do not come, but strength and endurance grow very, very decent. Seen as the contestants look at dance competitions? We do not think this is a slender bail absence of force. Their flat muscle behind not only excellent aerobic load to which they are accustomed, but also anaerobic. In this sense, dancers, relatives eastern edinobortsev. Develops and the greatest muscle. Dance protects the heart from premature ageing and malfunctions. You will no longer overwhelmed by going up the stairs to the fifth floor. respiratory system over time, enhancing immunity, you poproschaetes with obtrusively ARI ARI and chronic bronchitis. Dance helps even astmatikam, facilitating nature of the attacks. Dance provides a healthy delivery of oxygen in the brain : improves memory capacity develops thought. vestibular system you stop ukachivat transportation. Coordination movements will be excellent. Among the dancers is "Bears" or "klush" - you learn to move easily, clearly and stop all stepped back on its feet. Correct spine curvature wants, and the correct sequencing lordozov kifozov : everything, as is normal healthy spine. Correct scoliosis in any of his department. Align back, get higher. Raspravite shoulders. A sleep ..! She simply did not know. Plus the whole, "the spine is the key to health". If it something is not right, whatever things woes. Dance can do a lot of good for the state of your spine, warning relieving or izlechiv many diseases. nervous system Like any activity, diverting from life-sustaining troubles, dancing soothes. Roughly speaking, it is your nerves in order. Over time, irritability or idle giving way adequate nervous reaction, and you are responding to something exactly as it deserves. Now you balanced, peaceful people. But after training you Lifted mood? Nothing strange is the effect endorfinov, "happiness" hormones during their dance, elaborate nervous system. The main schematically outlined the benefits of dance for the body, which, as already mentioned, give you any dance style. But there are styles with special needs. These include, for example, bellydance, Celtic dance, lower break and shame. Finally, on them. bellydance This dance is ideally care of a woman's body. Many women can learn about the benefits of throwing clothes and aerobics and got to bellydance. What is it useful? First, because of its unique "tryaskam" alone prevents and treats cellulite. The medical effects of proven and no longer news. All the stand that advertise on television, repeating vibration and movement bellydance. Secondly, the dance develops deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor tazovogo. During childbirth these muscles with pelvic bones form a channel through which a child moves. Sometimes bellydance much easier childbirth. Mothers, before conducting bellydance, said that it was easy to give birth. In addition, dance abdomen helps in childbirth dispense with the tears and injuries. Finally, improving the circulatory internal organs small pelvis helps women avoid gynaecological problems and the intimate muscles stimulates sexual activity. Dance abdomen unique. No other style is not paying attention to the women's places in the female body. Celtic dance Aside from the fact that the movements Celtic dance incredibly interesting, it is precisely bandaged spine all along, not missing a single division. In addition, dancers proud of this style is an ideal form of gastrocnemius muscle. Any dance forms streams and legs, but in this case the Celtic deserved in the first place. strip-dans It is a holistic system of exercises develops cam body, which filed the viewer in sensory sexual aesthetics. Your body is heard you at 100% and in a separate wave motion of the legs or hands, and in a single motion "from head to toes". Strip-dans - constructor beautiful pieces. Elements stretchinga (stretch) develop joint mobility and muscle makes elastic and smooth, which you acquired flexibility is excellent. Break lower Perhaps the "power" of all dance styles. To deal with it, we can not do without elementary physical education. For example, if you are unable to recognize the three approaches to nine repetitions or ups decent number of times-first go at it. Many who break dancing floor, "before swung iron". The dancing style of the application tests upper half of the body, provides employment to all muscles, and the largest (broadest dorsi) and smallest (trapezoid), as well as, of course, the muscles of hands. To demonstrate this point in breykinge common techniques such as the flare (spinning kicks with posmennym away legs forward in the rack at the hands), headspin (all known spinning on his head), handglide (rotation on the same hand) ... because of the high loads and travmatichnosti girls usually lower breykom do not, but there are some exceptions, such as creatures with bruises pobitymi elbows and neck inflated. falls unique combination of dance, fighting, acrobatics, gymnastics ... and all the music. Capoeira as a dance based on African rhythms and some manipulation is becoming a contemporary dance. Capoeira building a body, organically combining forces increase with the increase endurance and flexibility in the joints and spine. Under the dance rhythms of the body, under the laws of balance, moves naturally plastichno and beautiful. As a martial art falls enhance your safety, you will be sure to stand up for herself. Ask you to dance physical strength, endurance, agility movements, or you just want to porazmyat pit style "shame" - all this is possible. There is no age restriction. Grow your body and dancing! Forget the monotonous traditions sheypinga and aerobics-boring and they all long prielis. There is also a better option. In choosing to dance as a way of improving the physical, you have a healthy body, in addition to the purchase interesting things harmony with itself and the joy of life.

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