Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Does it matter age?

  Many people in traditional life may finally get the chance to dance in only 40 to 45 years. So is there a limit on age in the training program or have special techniques for the people of this age? If you have the desire to learn to dance well, improve self-confidence, communicate with the new interesting people, the aged is that should not be feared! Each age has its own understanding of music, dance aesthetics. In 40-50 years it is much more deeply perhaps curve than for younger students. Of course, if there is no focus on training professional dancing, which involves professional dancer, it is necessary to begin as soon as possible when a body podatlivo training complex horeograficski elements. If it is just for themselves learn, to understand rhythm again feel the body to understand that beauty is not dependent on age, it is not important when you arrive at tancklass in 20, 40, 60.

The only problem faced by students in the 40-50 years nezapominanie movements, a sort of separation, which is not a freely improvise. Motorized (motor) skills are internal experimental (imaginary) models, each movement needs to be and to think that accelerates the learning process. This submission is precisely difficulties, and the teacher may recommend students repetition of the "potrenirovti head." Thus, a very good "gymnastics brains, improved logical thinking. The idea takes and leads to precise action movement in music. Naturally, the way conventional stereotypes is a figure complexion, age, physical form, but that is just complexes, which will be on hand to help handle the dance. Dance, primarily is a pain, a condition that mood, the song of our hearts, sometimes sad, sometimes zadornaya, temperamentnaya, tender, changeable, and the soul has no age. So tantsuyte at any age! Do not be afraid of it. Go ahead a joy to experience music and to the state of mind through movement, dissolving it and getting pleasure from the physical expression ...

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