Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What clothing suitable for dance lessons?

  First, you must be comfortable in the clothing and footwear, in which you get to the lesson. The dance remove watches and bracelets, they can scratch your leading arm. Belt, if any, should be free of the elements which will zatsepitsa clothing. A good option, belts, closed or cloth strap locks. The neck usually is not anything as a last resort-tonenkuu conversation with the suspension. Hair below the shoulders is stored so that 5.CUSTOMER they partner punched in the face and not lesli him in the eye : the head during any dance works very actively. Here are some tips for selecting clothes for different types of dance : For membership Latin and salsa come any clothes, which you are hot and you go (skirt, pants, jeans). The dance in the shoes of leather shoes, it is better to have a small heel (not recommended sneakers). Dance valid disco you will be comfortable in the clothes and shoes sports style. (Clothing should "drag." Not recommended jeans). For lessons eastern dance fitting that the bottom (velosipedki, lasina), a free shirt, nabedrenny scarf, a pair. You can dance barefoot or in shoes. Industrial clothing bi-boya, dancer restrictions-street fashion, skreshchennaya to the sport. The apparent clothing fits into street-style up, the better. But, if you are not on the stage and not in a nightclub, but on the train, leave the appearance alone and switched to the convenience and safety. Again, the bottom is not too narrow, not too broad sports car. The ideal material for the clothing-100% polyester on cotton-osnowe it solid and well slide on most surfaces. To work on the lower level is viable synthetic tholstovku with sleeves.

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