Monday, April 9, 2007

How do I choose a school dance?

  Today different schools offer a rich choice of music programmes. This can be private lessons, group classes, or a combination of both. For those who simply want to learn parocke stepov accidental or a tour of dance, fine group sessions in different tanc-clubah. Those who intend to take up dancing more seriously, simply a correct course, which includes face-to-face classes. Everything depends on what you want to dance. In choosing dance studio or teaching method must first ask themselves some key questions. Responding to them, you define criteria for evaluating studio, and an idea of what you, and what is not. What to look first : Razuznaite what strategy learning stoudii- teach people dance? Learn dance that people are having fun and the raskrepostilici tanzpole? Learn dance, with the right equipment? Support professionals competing in their development? When the answer to this question, you will understand whether the direction in the studio, however, that you would expect learning. There is a need to know the status of teachers in the group (Head Club if judge-to category judging if stager-to experience). Whether you want to compete or not, this is a defining issue. Insure themselves : those who will teach you must be qualified. What are the views and feelings of pupils studio? How satisfied are students to the fact that there are? Are they what has been promised? Do so, how they were treated? Did that their expenses paid? Learn the number of hours (hours per week for athletes to more than 6 hours per week), cost and the number of couples in the group (if a 6-8 couples, the effectiveness of training falls). What is the achievement of the dancers Club (awards, certificates). Is there a contest for the club. (Generally, the best club team competitions in the city where they work.) Geographical location and the size of the dance floor, the (preferably wood). Is there information on the club on the Internet. Based on the data you will be able to make the right decision and the opportunity to swim in a beautiful and fascinating world of dance.



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