Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fight with the fear and uncertainty of tanzpole.

  "I do not know how to dance" or "I really do not like to dance", it is not uncommon to hear the phrase of storonathan 53-20-00 people. Hard to believe, because dancing is, as a minimum, a simple reaction to the music, which means that people can just stand and rhythmically rocking, listening to a song. The human body, whether consciously or not responding to the rhythms and pace. Hardly in the world there is at least one person who did not like the no music. Music is the heartbeat of life, it is able to speak with any human emotion, it definitely gives livelihood more joy. What is the true cause of discomfort and uncertainty, despite the joyful atmosphere fire dance club? This is most likely due to the inability to control his body during the dance. Some people do not like the look, as they move, and movement they feel is not in its plate. If you do not like to dance, please look for the reasonable explanation. Change their attitude to dance. Recognize at least one or more of the dance floor ... Do not have to be the soul of the company, but should take part in the overall atmosphere? So we need to learn to pretend tantsutm. To properly look at tanzpole without resorting to alcohol, in the hope that he would feel about and try to follow a few tips : Move to music. Let the music tell what to do. Let his body to feel the rhythm and beat. There was no need to elaborate fix - just listen to music. Join tantsutm. Sometimes at night several people accept something like horovoda wall. To take part in this piece, it should not be difficult or skills : ponabludaite just what the people out, and do the same. Better less so better. If you feel at tanzpole very uncomfortable, try to keep poskromnee not try to be. Avoid unnecessary attention surrounding, Perform only the most simple movement : raskachiwaitesy, nod your head dwigay Corps more than feet. Improviziruyte. You can afford to improvise-out movement in the same moment when it is born in the head. In any case, even if initially difficult, it can not be fixated on the failure to close itself off. Rather, it is necessary to relax and try yield rhythm, listening to him and to his will.

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