Friday, April 6, 2007

Magic dance

The goals and motives of people coming to the lessons in dance schools - are very diverse : from the simple desire to entertain, relax, improve physical form-do pursuit of inner harmony and change the lives for the better. For centuries, dancing regarded means of expression, celebration of life or healing ritual. Anyone can feel some of the dance practice. There are no restrictions up to the dance pregnant women, the elderly and children with their emerging organism. You can be the man weak-dancing would not require you to stuff from the first classes. Already in the first month of regular use can be seen tangible benefits : faster metabolism, muscle accustomed to regular work, are becoming more flexible, produced breathing pattern. And all without strain, and with pleasing variety : changing tempo music alternates sharp intense movement to the slow, smooth, to measured. Nowadays dance recognized as a means of solving many of the problems rights. No matter trouble you of insecurity complexes or depression-dancing will help you to live more consciously, more self-giving and forces in the fight against stress. Refining physical shape, dancing to medical impact on the emotional-psychological a human condition as a way emotions and feelings, leaving them through harmoniously coordinated movements mind and the body. Classes dancing capability can neutralize dissatisfaction themselves. Pilot teacher in training will do its utmost to his students saw the positive changes that are taking place with them after each session, so that they can feel the joy of these changes and the desire to move on to his personal growth.

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