Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Benefits You Can Get In Salsa Dancing

More and more people are flocking in Gym and fitness center these days but pumping iron or running on the treadmill is not the only way to get fit-- as it used to be. There is a much more fun way to get sweaty for the sake of achieving a healthy and fit body. So what is this good alternative to heavy workouts I am referring to?

Salsa dance lessons, yes that is right learning to dance is a wonderful way of getting fit. Now I can here all you men shouting NO! NO not dancing that is for ladies but how wrong you are because salsa dancing if for everybody--regardless of gender.

Actually, Salsa dance lessons are like the best aerobics class you have ever been to. You are working your arms, back, buttocks, legs all at the same time--enough to burn body fats. Yes Salsa dancing is a complete body workout that anyone can have.

Don't believe me then get yourself along to your nearest Salsa dance session and give it a go. I guarantee in a short span of time your heart will be working hard and you will be building up a sweat. Burn fats, and achieve a more fit body.

It might shock you to know but an essential part of a Salsa dancers kit is a good towel. You need something to wipe you brow during dances! It is because, you will surely burn lots of fats.

In addition, Salsa dance lessons are not only effective for the body but are also good for the mind. Yes Salsa is a therapy for mind too; how good can one thing get!

A recent study in the United Kingdom has shown that individuals suffering from depression who were sent to Salsa dance lessons showed a substantial and measurable improvement after attending lessons for 10 weeks. This is indeed a substantial proof that salsa dancing does not only make your body healthy but your mind as well.

The act of socializing at the Salsa dance lessons and the up beat music had a dramatic effect on the study's participants. I can tell you from personal experience there is nothing better to sort out an awful day than heading of and dancing some Salsa.

So there you have it you can get physically and mentally fit while having a great time at Salsa dance lessons. No need to fight with the weight machines at the gym go and dance Salsa and have the most fun you have ever had standing up!


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