Friday, June 29, 2007


Swing dances - a product American " epoch of entertainments " 30х-40х years XX of a century. Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, West - coast and East - coast swing, Two step, Charleston, Shag, Balboa - white and black Americans under the most popular at that time a jazz here is how came off. Night clubs, дансинги, show, street representations and a cabaret - here was born SWING. Having deep African roots, both in music, and in movement of a body, this dance absorbed in itself everything, that is possible from dancing cultures of different times and people (America represented then " melting pot " - " a boiling boiler " from emigrants of all colours). A swing - the general name for whole "family" of dances of styles of an Afro-American origin. A range of kinds and opportunities-from slow lyrical blues up to a mad rhythm classical Savoy Style.

In school of dances "CasaLatina" in priority position is "root" Lindy Hop. We try to allow to feel to people taste black american dancing and jazz moving. (How much it goes right to us - already other question :))

That it is important to know to learn to dance swing dance:

It, first of all, pair dance, therefore its major aspect - feeling of the partner, sensitive conducting (Leading, Following).
During training dances from the category social dances during a lesson can vary partners. This world practice pursues the simple purpose - you can dance a swing with any partner which has invited you in any point of globe.
The base size of music of a swing - four quarters. But one of important skills in dances - syncopated, game with a rhythm, interpretation of music. It is connected with distribution of steps to the musical account.
The basic movement of a swing, its "card" - bouncing. Irrespective of style, bouncing it should be kept.

The purpose - to learn to move in pair under jazz swings music. For development of authentic style, plastics and coordination sometimes forget so-called line dances - dances not with the partner, and one by one. The special attention is given warm-up. Unlike other dancing schools of our city, we try to develop stylishness of movement, let and on " a simple material ". Our motto - quality, instead of quantity. Such you will not find anywhere.
The general recommendations:

Clothes not constraining movements and footwear.
Readiness slightly to change the sight at own body.
Regular visiting of employment (only in that case we can guarantee progress as which you will really feel).
At our school there is a differentiation of levels of preparation. Please, do not try to be entered in the "senior" group without the special bases on that, consult to the teacher.
Try to combine group and individual employment is optimizes and will accelerate process of your dancing development.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, to ask, be interested.

Performance of these recommendations will allow you in a month - the one and a half to become the habitue of parties, dancings. All in your forces. Enjoy!

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