Monday, July 2, 2007


Disco dances have appeared in the middle of 70th years. Their simplicity, ease of training, surprising vivacity - all this has created such popularity which is actual and till today. A melody " Dance hustle - Do hustle " there was after the well-known film " a Fever on Saturday in the evening ". A star of Hollywood John Travolta, the most popular group Bee Gees, simple and melodious melodies have uplifted disko-rhythms and dances on top of popularity. Blinking light, the mirror walls, loudly pulsing rhythms, haute couture and many other things have made discо dance by the most desired in all the world.
Dance disco was extremely simple and sensual - unlike acrobatic tricks rock'n'roll, classical movements of a twist and a swing which already by this time dances for ancestors " have turned in ", any special skills to dance disco it was not required - it was necessary to feel a rhythm simply well. диско the first has thrown it appeal" Just move your body ”!
In the Europe this direction is known as disco-fox (in Germany) and disco-swing (in Switzerland), and in America as disco-hustle.
Hastle - the American dance (a version of a swing), prospered during an epoch of undivided rule of style disco. However in due course this dance absorbed in itself more increasing and more than various movements and elements from other pair dances (ball, a rock-and-roll, a latina, boogie-woogie, country rock).
Hastle is a pair dance for parties, clubs and discos. The word hustle in translation from English means turmoil, crush, turmoil. However this word has also other value - energy, blind activity.
Hastle is most simple, the most popular, the most democratic and most discotheque pair dance. It is a whirlwind of the most popular melodies, it is a turn of any dancing movements, it expression and self-expression.
Now it is dance experiences a rebirth, the national and international championships, schools hastle are arranged grow as mushrooms. Yes it and is clear, in fact it possesses unique advantages before other dances:
It is possible to dance it and houses in discos and it is not required so a lot of place, as, for example, for ball dances.
Master basic elements hastle not skilled person can for 10-15 employment. And then already, on the basis of these elements, it is possible to experiment, improvise and think out own movements. In it it is not obligatory to learn schemes, it is possible to create simply!

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