Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tango lessons controlled

If you are just starting to learn the tango, visit Ground is the best way to get acquainted with the dance. Tango is not easy to learn, and the consistency with what you do affects the result as it affects everything else in this life. The good Tango lessons you must submit the following elements : walk, turning, stopping, moving, with music and decorations. Tango is a dance based on the steps that it should first train that it is an important component. But walk just because you already know, so learn to walk with a partner. All great dancers Tango working step. A good teacher always gives Tango lessons series of exercises in the sun. Once you learn how to walk, you learn to turn sharply stop, in a crowded dance halls, to recognize different types of music and Tango "signed" by a different style decorations. Because of the Tango is improvisation, you will learn to improvise. Tango is a dance, an attack with another man. This is not back steps, each time performing in the same sequence. Improvisation is one of the finest virtues Tango, which makes this dance endlessly interesting.

Tips for novice.

Argentine Tango, like any other dance is interpreting music through body language. Therefore, in order to feel the full beauty and grandeur Tango must listen to his music. The most important point in the Argentine Tango is the ability to feel music. This is the best! As for men and for women. Before movement vslushivaytes in to teach melody, and then make the first step. Do not hurry you squeeze all known figures in three-minute dance. Funny, seeing as the dancer with the tense expression of the exercise is to focus on the floor one by one bundle, just forgetting the pleasure of listening to music with his partner. Each dancer (especially young) must regularly occur. Only practice will help achieve a smooth and relaxing movements, which can be seen from the good dancers. Even praktikuyas alone, imagine what kept in the arms of her partner. Voobrazi a famous dancer, it adds confidence and will focus on dance ... At milongu be taken only when the difference that has made consistency their movements with music. Remember that the bond of harmonious dance not only to enjoy himself, but to deliver as much pleasure to his partner.

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