Thursday, June 7, 2007


Tango is a particular form of art. On the one hand, the Tango is the world of music, on the other hand, it is an integral part of dance. One of the two provides endless possibilities for improvisation. Argentine Tango dancers plenyaet for over a hundred years. The dancers and the audience loved Tango for beauty, passion, the drama of the dance. The essence of the Argentine Tango is life, especially the lives of a pair : a man and a woman. Tango is not "dance", and, above all, human closeness, the two contact dos raised short time, "three-love story"...

Basics of Tango.

Argentine Tango - impromptu dance standing on the foundation of four parties : walk, turning, stopping and decorations. Tango said the mosaic, which is always different, but the result is the same beauty. Women and men dance diversify from its own stylish designs and decorations that give each Tango unique character and unpredictable. Even though the dancers have certain rules of the dance, they will never know for sure what works for Tangeros Tango (Tango dancers) what decorations they will use as they misread music. It surprises during tantsevaniya Tango make such a magnet. And Tango really need two because the dance is not within the concept of rustic "is a man, woman, it should. Tango, like any good conversation, creating both partners. Tango performed counter-clockwise. The dancers are trying to edge halls and storonyatsya center. If you could look at the top Tangeros, you would see that dancers move like a river - smoothly and rapidly forward, stopping occasionally to embrace in the whirlwind.

Styles Tango.

The Tango of styles probation. History Tango has written sources, the evolution of dance, and a disappearance of certain styles. Moreover, each couple dances the tango, there is a style. The fundamental choice is the style where you dancing Tango : in the club, on stage or another large site. Accordingly, the styles can be viewed at the club and stage. The club are : orillero, Tango de salon, milongero, Fox Tango, Tango Nuevo (in Europe). By performing : Tango "export" and Tango "fantasy" or shou-tango.

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